MacID harnesses Touch ID to unlock your Mac with just your fingerprint


Unlock your Mac with just your fingerprint.™

MacID 2.0 is now available has been renamed to Unlox. Find out more

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The vast majority of problems in iOS and macOS can be fixed by restarting, which sucks but it does usually help.

You can also find MacID on Twitter and Facebook.

MacID is designed, developed & supported by just one person, so you won't always get a reply straight away. All feedback emails & tweets do get read but not all can be replied to, especially when I'm working on an update.

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MacID cannot reconnect if you remove MacID from the iOS App Switcher, this is Apple's choice!

MacID v1.3 setup in as little as 10 seconds

See how easy it is to get MacID up and running. In as little as 10 seconds you can be ready to start unlocking your Mac using just your fingerprint.

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